Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ancestors Home Travel, Ugyen has been part and parcel of Bhutan’s tourism fraternity for twelve years. He joined Bhutan’s young tourism industry as a guide and has contributed in several ways to the industry. He is still a registered guide with the Guides Association of Bhutan (GAB). Ugyen is venturing into the tourism market with experience garnered over the more than a decade’s service in the growing industry, with promises of “service synthesized from knowledge arising from real life experiences in 12 years.”

Located in the heart of Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu, Bhutan Ancestors Home Travel is committed to providing the best professional services to all visitors, the Bhutanese way. Understanding that tourists who visit Bhutan are special and come with distinct aspirations, Bhutan Ancestors Home Travel will unwavering ensure that every second of your stay here remains a memorable one.

Similar to the kingdom’s tourism policy of “High Value, Low Volume”, our company will ensure that value addition during your stay here is the highest. When you leave the country after experiencing its immaculate beauty through the services offered by Bhutan Ancestors Home Travel, you will acknowledge that the decision to visit Bhutan through our company is perhaps the best decision you ever made in your life.

A registered member of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), Guides Association of Bhutan (GAB) and the All Bhutan Tourist Operators (ABTO), our company’s primary aim is to ensure excellence in all areas of operation. Professionalism has been an inheritance and we thus promise journeys at its luxurious best and an unparalleled experience as you reach the destination.

We are not just a tourism company, but your host as you join the league of fortunate people who have visited this dream country.